Treatment of Acne Scars and their Mechanism of Action

Our skin is the most exposed and largest organ of our body. It is constantly in contact with the outer environment. It interacts with thousands of microorganisms present in the air. Therefore the effects of the same show greatly on our skin. In our day to day busy life, we often tend to neglect to take care of our skin. There may be occurrences of a minute as well as big problem on the skin and most of it can be spotted on the face. Therefore, identifying the skin problem and treating it is very important at the earliest. Skin problems can vary from being temporary to permanent. But the cosmetic industry is trying its level best to make all the problems temporary by developing a proper treatment for every skin problem.

 Acne problem is common for most people. It can result from blood impurity, the intrusion of foreign particles, or some underlying health problem. Acnes are meant to go away within some time but they tend to leave their scars behind. Therefore, its treatment is necessary to help reduce the scar marks. No scars cream for acne scars is the most suitable treatment for this. It helps reduce the scar and makes it fade within a very little amount of time and also stops it from returning any further.

To understand the treatment of acne scars it is important to understand what the components present in the cream are and what the mechanism of action of the cream is. Here are some of the points:

  • The constituents of the cream are mainly three, they are- Tretinoin, Mometasone, and Hydroquinone. It is mainly meant to work by reducing the pigmentation on the skin. Pigmentation is caused by scars as they leave their marks on the skin. It has other benefits as well. It stops the skin from swelling up due to the occurrence of acne. It has anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. Also, it helps to reduce and stop the production of melanin.
  • The treatment for acne in the form of this cream is very simple. The work is done by the components and all you need to do is apply it regularly. One of the constituents present in the cream has anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidant helps the cells present on the skin to have a healthy growth which in turn aids in keeping the skin clean and clear from all sorts of problems. It can also be added that it helps the skin heal from problems much faster.
  • Increased production of collagen in the dermis of the skin helps in the reduction of spots and also prevents them from appearing any further. Tretinoin is responsible for this job. Therefore each constituent has assigned responsibility with them and together they work to make the skin a flawless one.
  • The other component, Mometasone is meant to reduce the inflammation caused due to acne. It is very essential to reduce the inflammation because As the inflammation grows the skin becomes itchy and in turn can cause trouble to the person.

The result of treatment varies from one person to another. It also depends on the skin type. Generally, it can be expected to show its effects within one or two weeks but the complete result can only be attained by regular use for over a month.

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