Long Haircuts for Women

Long Haircuts for Women to Die For

Undoubtedly, long haircuts for women are sexy and quite feminine. They are always on trend regardless of the way you decide to rock your hair. Luckily, there are so many ways you can style your locks, so you don’t need to rock one style always.

Thanks to many styles available for you to pick from, you may find it hard to select a specific style. To make the work easier for you, we have selected some of the most beautiful long haircuts for women. Take a gander.

  1. Long Curly Haircuts.

This is an ideal way to style long locks, especially for ladies with extended curly hair. Extended locks that are curled look fabulous, feminine, and ridiculously sexy. A light wavy look is ideal for ladies with broad face-shape. Those with round face-shape can as well rock them.

  1. Extended Layered Haircuts.

Including layers in your extended manes offer you a vibe that is not only sexy but also cool. The layers also have an impact on making your manes appear thicker. It is also an excellent way to incorporate more depth in your manes. An awesome aspect is that you can select any length of layers you need.

You can opt for curved, layered, or straight long cuts. The layered style appears ridiculously graceful since the first layer is trimmed too short to come up with bangs. This is an excellent way of giving your face some contour.

  1. Balayage and Layered Extended Cut.

For the ladies who have extended and dense manes, they can go for the fishtail braid look. To come up with this superb style, you should begin by parting your long locks in the centre, recreate the braids and then style some long hair from the sides to give an entire look a relaxed and feminine touch. Accessorise your hairstyle with some pins to hold it in place.

  1. Long Locks with Bangs.

You may choose a variety of bangs to match with your beautiful long haircuts. For instance, you can opt for straight bangs, which are an excellent way to hide long foreheads. To achieve that, you have to brush your hair straight down on the front to cover the forehead part.

You can as well opt to style your locks into a bun or a ponytail. These, too, look great. Choppy bangs are trimmed unevenly. This as well looks sexy with layered hair. However, when we talk about adding bangs to extended hair, neat bangs are our best option. You can go for the parted bangs for your extended hair. Or you can choose to part your locks in the middle or bang it down subtly from the center. Side-swept bangs can be included in entirely all types of long haircuts.

  1. Dark Brown to Light Brown.

This is an excellent haircut for long hair. The balayage technique used here of fading dark locks into light brown hair will not go unnoticed. It is a superb look for stylish ladies. It is a bold and sexy look for long haircuts that you should try this year.

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