A Must Try Platinum Blonde Hair Colours

Platinum blonde is a beautiful colour, and there is no doubt about that. It is a highly-coveted hue. While you can find it in all parts of the world, it is only 2% of the population that is a natural blonde. This colour is directly related to the synthesis of Vitamin D.

Lighter locks and skin allows penetration of more light that triggers the production of vitamin D. That supports why Europe has the most natural blondes and the other areas with sunlight deficiency. If you want to transform your hair to the next level of platinum blonde, here are beautiful styles for your consideration.

1. Platinum Blonde and Auburn Highlights.

Rock this summer vibe hue! A long and wavy auburn blonde shade is a beautiful look if you are looking forward to rocking a glowing and eye-appealing haircut.

2. Platinum and Low Lights.

Platinum blonde is one of the chicest and sophisticated multidimensional and modern hair shade with lowlights. This hair shade looks great on cool skin tones and ideal on long waves to reveal the colour variations.

3. Blonde and Lilac Purple Shades.

Platinum purple locks are the way forward if you need a more-fashion-forward style while maintaining it light and professional.

4. Blonde and Crown Braids.

If you have long locks and planning to attend a more formal occasion, then you should give shot to these beautiful platinum blonde braids that go round your crown to form an eye-appealing style.

5. Smokey Platinum and Dark Roots.

This is a Smokey and ash plum hairstyle. The roots are darkened and blend seamlessly into the platinum blonde. Further, the layers enhance the depth and texture of this hairstyle. You can also add beachy waves for more depth and dimension.

The balayage gives you a celebrity look with low maintenance. The more your hair grows, the more you will appear beautiful. This is a great hairstyle for any hair type and suits women with round-shaped faces.

6. Icy Platinum Pixie Haircut.

This hairstyle looks great on neutral skin tones. It also looks great on women with an oval shape and small facial features. However, the best thing about this haircut is that it has a great texture that allows you to style your hair in different ways.

For instance, you can wear it dishevelled or smooth. If you have fine manes, you can use texturizing products to improve the texture of your hair and be able to style this hairstyle.

7. Platinum Silver.

If you want to recreate this look, you will need to use the full highlights and babylights technique. The highlights give the entire hairstyle extra ash finish.

However, when you choose icy or silver platinum blonde look like this, you should be prepared for high maintenance. You will want to go to the salon at least every six to eight weeks for lightening and toner touch-up.
And to keep the icy and silver-tone, you will need to invest in silver or purple toning shampoo. This is an ideal hairstyle for women who don’t bother about high maintenance and going to the salon regularly.

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