Shoes every woman must have in their wardrobe

There are many people who are addicted to shoes. They keep buying pairs of shoes as much as they can. In fact, sometimes they buy them so much that they need a separate wardrobe for them.

There are many varieties available when one intends to search for women footwear online India. But yes, there are particular kinds of shoes that every woman must possess if they are crazy about shoes. They are as follows:


These are very elegant shoes which are also known as needle heels in France. These shoes can add a lot of elegance to the outfit that one is wearing.  But yes, it is not a very easy task to walk down the road on those thin pencil heels but once they are worn they add a lot of glamour to the look. One needs to be able to carry a stiletto in order to wear them. One can pair them up with evening dresses, slim fitted jeans or with a pencil skirt. But yes, one must not wear them if they are having some pains in legs or they are pregnant.

 Spool Heels

These heels are much lesser than that of the stilettos. These heels are broader at the top and then become narrow at the bottom. These shoes are more practical to walk in and women feel more comfortable by walking in it. They comes a pumps and one can pair them wither with casual wears or with formal dresses.


These shoes are very comfortable to wear under any circumstances. One can wear them easily because they provide one with more area to balance on when they are walking. They go really well with summer dresses or maxi dresses. One can also wear them with jeans if they want to.


If one is more inclined to their comfort then loafers are a must in their wardrobe. One can wear them with any casual outfit and hence it is a great idea to wear them with long skirts, jeans or even cotton trousers. They are very comfortable and snug and one can spend all day long in loafers with huge comfort.

Kitten Heels

As the name suggests they have very small heel length and so they never put much pressure on the foot. They can be worn with anything but one has to wear the length in which the ankles are visible. Otherwise there is no point in wearing kitten heels because they will not be visible.

Mary Janes or Doll Shoes

They have a low cut, strapped and closed styling. Here, the strap is mainly located over the instep and they can be modelled into flat shoes as well. So, one can wear them with any kind of outfits.


These are the sporty shoes that one can wear with a casual wear or a sport wear. These days they are available in different patterns and colours and one can mix and match them with their dresses.

When one is looking for girls footwear online, then they must add some sandals as well for regular wear.

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