Kashmir Tour Packages

Bringing The Fun And Adventure With Kashmir Tour Packages!

People often take holiday destinations to places where they can connect to the natural world and beauty and forget their busy lives. And mountains are the prime spot for this, the hill stations and mountains receive a great number of tourists everywhere. They can be local or global ones exploring the world. Kashmir as said is the heaven on earth, the beauty of nature can never be seen with such amazing views at any other place. It is at the northern head of India and serves as a beautiful spot for valleys and snow-covered mountains.

Why Kashmir is a prominent spot for vacation?

There are many Kashmir tour packages available on several tour and travel sites which can get you the best experience of Kashmir. But before you start to plan your vacation you should know well about the place to get the best out of your holiday. Kashmir isn’t just popular among the best tourist spots for its snow and mountains. The green valleys have a soothing attraction that can bring up an experience you never thought for. The place is perfect for amusement, religious or an adventure trip. Among the various tour packages, everyone can find something of their interest in the place.

What are the best experiences to get in Kashmir?

The valleys of Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg are among its popular tourist attractions. Also, the dal lake and Leh are a must-visit. Since the place is full of thrilling experiences you have a lot to enjoy in the place. The following are some of the delights you can get on a Kashmir visit:

  • Pony Rides: Pahalgam is a town with great lively experiences in summer. You can ride a pony to explore the nearby places and get enjoy the valleys. There are few treks, fishing, and paragliding too on the Pahalgam tour.
  • Gondola Rides: The winter season witness heavy snowfall in the Gulmarg region, the gondola rides to the Apharwat Peak gets you the beautiful views of snow-covered places.
  • Shikara Rides:Dal Lake is among the most beautiful attractions of Kashmir and enjoying the beautiful views on a traditional boat is no lesser than any dreamland. Shikara rides can be enjoyed in the Dal Lake in the beautiful summers. You can also spend the night on a houseboat for another amusing experience.
  • Heritage Walk: The four-century-old buildings are the preserver of heritage at Kashmir. The visit to Jama Masjid and its old markets are an experience you would cherish forever long.
  • Paragliding: Adventure is best served at this beautiful holiday destination. While taking a tour of Kashmir you should definitely not take the chance to miss the paragliding at Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Bhaderwah or some other places.

This is not the end to the activities you can enjoy with your Kashmir tour packages and get a fun vacation. There are more than can be added to the list. So if you are planning a trip to Kashmir, enjoy the vacation and bring the best memories with it.

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