Hats that Never Go out of Style

5 Hats that Never Go out of Style in Women’s Fashion

For most of history, hats have played a major role in the life of people. Hats are worn by some to show a certain social status while others wear hats to get protection from the sun.

Hats are a fashion lover’s best friend, all you need to do is go on Instagram, watch a music video or even visit the trendiest parts of major fashion cities and you will see just how fashionable hats are.

Today, we will look into a few hat trends that are always in vogue.

Wide-brimmed Floppy Hats

Wide-brimmed floppy hats are perfect for the summer months. Due to their wide brim, these hats provide protection to your neck, chest, and of course face.

These hats are flamboyant, large and make a statement every single time; this means that you need to blend it well with the rest of your outfit so you do not end up looking over the top.

Floppy hats work better with casual outfits due to their large, unstructured and ever-evolving shape.


Fedoras are soft felt hats with a brim and an indented crown, the simple design of a fedora hat helps it stand out without looking over the top. If the wide-brimmed floppy hat is a little too much for you but you still want a hat that shelters your face properly then consider investing in a fedora hat.

This hat has a bit of history behind it. The fedora hat was an icon for the women’s feminist movement and in many ways they still are. It symbolizes resistance to stereotypes and empowerment of women.


Over the years, berets have evolved quite a bit. What they lack in functionality, they make up for in style. Berets work with every single face shape; the style is flattering regardless of what shaped face you have.

Berets have a way of making your outfits look more elegant by giving you a French-inspired vintage look. They can be styled with almost every outfit.

Cowgirl Hat

I remember when I was a young teen wanting one of these hats and I trawled the streets of London with my aunt looking for that perfect cowgirl hat. It is such a unique look. All of us have a little part that wants to be a cowgirl and go for that uniquely country style.

They are actually very practical hats as they protect you well from the suns rays. They can also be very feminine looking, with a little pink, girly details, that finish the hat perfectly. May even be enough to catch the eye of the ever elusive cowboy, when you wear that cute cowgirl hat.

Pom Pom Hat

Pom hats or “toque” as they are referred to in Canada are a very popular winter hat for women from all walks of life. This knitted close-fitting cap with a fuzzy bobble on top of its crown functions similarly to a beanie hat.

Their primary aim is to keep your head, ears and in some cases parts of your neck warm during frosty months. They are very fashionable and are used to improve the style of winter outfits.

If there is one thing a good hat should do, it must work well with other accessories. Hats are usually paired with luxury handbags and it is not hard to figure out why. Luxury handbags have a way of elevating any outfit; one of the most famous brands when it comes to luxury handbags is Gucci.

Combining any hat with an Australian Gucci handbag is one simple way for you to ensure that your style always stays fresh.

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