Which Accessories Should You Wear to Prom

Which Accessories Should You Wear to Prom?

Finding the right dress for the prom can be a task to challenge any girl. But even when you discover the perfect frock, the journey has not finished. As anyone who follows fashion on the red carpet will know, selecting stylish accessories that make an impact for the right reason is essential for completing a successful look.

Factors to Consider

To complete your look, you will also need to think about your hair, your makeup, your shoes and your bag. Depending on the climate, you want to also think about a coat or a wrap. You don’t want to look like an extra in a Christmas panto, so balancing colours, textures and fabrics is important.

Jewellery is another item to consider. Prom is one occasion when wearing a tiara may look wonderful. Consider what kind of dress you are wearing. If it is sparkly, then sparkly jewellery will probably complement it. For a more understated look, minimal modern designs may be more appropriate. Earrings should be selected to go with your dress too. Large chandelier earrings may look great with a plain neckline, but if the bodice of the dress features a lot of decoration, then plainer earrings that don’t clash with this would be better.

More Can Be Too Much

When choosing bracelets and necklaces, again remember that the idea is to balance the total look – not to distract from and clash with it. When selecting bags or shoes, choose good-quality items that reflect an element of the outfit, maybe accentuating a particular colour. For more ideas on the latest designs available in evening bags, see this report from The Guardian.

Choosing prom dresses can be an exciting if time-consuming experience. You can make the search for gorgeous prom dresses easier by going online and visiting a site such as axparis.com/collections/prom-dresses, where you will find a wide range at great prices.

Putting together a fabulous look from top to toe can require some patience. This is why Hollywood stars pay stylists to do this for them. As most of us can’t afford a stylist, start planning your prom look some weeks before the event so you have plenty of time to choose your accessories. The really important thing is to find a great dress that makes you feel wonderful and build everything around that.

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