Wedding Photography

10 Amazing Couple Pose Ideas for Wedding Photography

Although your wedding will last for only a day, you spend months planning for it because you want to cherish the memory of your wedding for the rest of your life through your wedding pictures.

Imagine you are planning a grand wedding in one of the big cities like Los Angeles.  Apart from hiring the top rated wedding photographers in Los Angeles, you also need to put in some effort to beautify your pictures. While posing as an individual is something you may be familiar with, posing as a couple requires to create a connection.

Variety of poses can improve your photographs dramatically, and if you are looking for some fantastic couple poses, this article is for you.

  1. The First Look

The first look when the groom meets the bride. It is the moment the groom will see the beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day. The groom will either become surprised by the brides’ gorgeous outfit or emotional because that is the women he is going to spend the rest of his life.

  1. Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood is one of the classic and timeless romantic poses. The camera will capture the bride’s gowns back, and the groom will be facing the bride while the bride will be touching the groom’s cheek or neck. Both the bride and grooms body will be structured yet soften.

  1. A hug from Behind(By the groom)

The groom will hug the bride from behind to create a romantic relationship pose. It will show how close they are in terms of their relationship. It is a wise idea to make the bride touch the grooms face to create more variation in the hug from behind pose.

  1. Holding hands

Nothing can replicate the romantic relationship between the couple than holding hands. It is cute and romantic at the same time. This pose is cute because there will be some shyness in the face of the couple while holding their hands will also make this pose look like the couple will never leave the sides of each other.

  1. Blind Folded By Bride

This pose can be captured before the groom sees the bride. The bride needs to close the eyes of the bride to make the shoot special and funny before the bride is about to have a big surprise.

  1. Hand & Forehead Kiss

The hand kiss and the forehead kiss by the groom will be a story-telling pose. The hand kiss will create a royal heritage scene. It should be done after the first look pose. The forehead kiss can be done later at the wedding after the couple appeared on the stage.

  1. The walk

If the wedding venue is near a beach or riverside, it is essential to include a natural movement pose like the walk pose. However, even if the location is not suitable, it is still okay walk and talk while holding each other’s hand for creating a romantic walk pose.

  1. Photo Frame

The photo frame is a funny or romantic pose idea for a couple’s portrait. The couple needs to hold a photo frame with their hands. To add more romanticism in the picture, they can look at each other. However, if they want, they can also make funny faces.

  1. The First Kiss

The First kiss is a must-include photo for a wedding album. It will be taken after the padre announces that the groom is ready to kiss the bride. The pose can be a romantic one or a funny one to make the couple feel at ease. Including toss items for this picture will make it more unique. Besides, it is a good idea to create an intimate mood by placing the bride’s veil over the couple.

  1. The Grand Exit

Finally, the groom can take the bride away. The guests will create a grand exit for them by standing beside both sides of the red carpet. The groom will hold the hand of the bride and take her away to begin a new life. A great pose to end the beautiful story of an unforgettable wedding.

It is imperative to remember the artistic movement of the body creates poses. Posing is not an easy task, and it should be practiced more and more to get the best possible pictures. A pre-wedding photo shoot will be extremely beneficial to get used to those poses.

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