Pixie Cut with Bangs

Unbelievable Easy Ways to Style Pixie Cut with Bangs

Pixie cut with bangs is some of the best and trending haircuts for women right now. There are reasons why this haircut has taken a special place in the list of the most beautiful and trendiest haircuts in 2019. First, they are quite practical and versatile hairstyles ideal for both night and day. Click this weblink for more. If you hate untangling your long hair in the morning, then there is no other better option than a pixie cut.

There are various ways you can style pixie cut with bangs to make it yours. Considering your face shape, your personality and maybe the event you are planning to attend, you can style one of these pixie cut with bangs hairstyles. They are stylish, and they style suits well what you intend to show off.

  1. Gorgeous Side Bangs.

If you have a heart-shaped face, this is the right haircut for you. The hair is long and falls right above the cheekbone. Pixie cut with bangs is a favourite hairstyle for regular styling.

  1. A Pixie with Straight Bangs.

The most preferred thing about this pixie cut is that it looks great on women of all ages. No matter your profession, whether you are a freelancer or a businesswoman-a pixie is an ideal haircut for both office and home setting.

  1. Chopped Bangs.

Chopped pixie cut with bangs is trendy, chic and stylish. These haircuts are ideal for all women who like a low maintenance hairstyle.

  1. Golden Blonde and Thick Bangs.

This is a perfect hairstyle for professional women. You can rock it with thick bangs for a meeting, daily activities or work in your office.

  1. Red Pixie and Wavy Bangs.

This is a messy haircut with lots of layers. This haircut incorporates long bangs, and it is timeless. You can decide to leave the hair hang loosely or pin them. However, don’t apply mousse on the hair while hot.

  1. Wavy Grey Haircut.

After blotting your hair, utilise a curling iron to create loose waves. Don’t stop there; go down and style bangs. These wavy bangs on the pixie are perfect for both office and work settings.

  1. Brushed Forward Pixie.

For super refined yet somehow casual pixie cut with bangs appearance, use a brush and brush your hair forward. The trick here is to dye the hair all through. Maintain the base dark and highlight your ends for an eye-appealing moment. It is a suitable cut for ladies with a round-shaped face.

  1. Retro 60’s Short Pixie.

Nothing coughs confidence and sophistication more than this well-complemented style. If you like haircuts like this, there is no doubt that you like a well-coordinated life. This transforms into a long pixie cut with bangs. However, to achieve this look, you need some time and highly skilled stylist.

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